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Body Back Buddy Junior Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool

Body Back Buddy Junior Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool – Portable S-Shaped Shoulder, Back & Neck Acupressure Massager, Myofascial Release Tool & Deep Muscle…

Product description

Price: $21.95

Health & Personal Care About the product
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED PORTABLE MASSAGER – For more than a decade we have helped pioneer your self-massage experience. The perfected design of the Body Back Buddy offers 7 accurately placed therapy knobs that allow you an ease and access to every pressure point in your entire body. Effortlessly locate and relieve spasms, muscle knots and trigger points. Use the 12-page instructional manual to help guide your self-treatment
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS – The Body Back Buddy’s guarantee comes backed by medical professionals, and years of feedback from chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists. Their input has helped us create the ideal tool for the complete self-massage experience. There is no one tool better suited for Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release (MRF), Acupressure, Foot Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy than the Body Back Buddy
  • ORIGINAL STURDY DESIGN – The Body Back Buddy Jr. trigger point massager has remained virtually unchanged for more than a decade. With the introduction of the I-Beam influenced rectangular cross sections, we made a product that is at least 3x stronger than similar handheld cylinder based designs and has the perfect weight of 0.9 lbs. to allow anyone to apply the perfect amount of pressure to any spot on the body
  • MADE IN THE USA – Every Body Back Buddy has been 100% designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon since 1995. Each is made in numbered batch lots from high quality, high-density polyethylene; which is BPA, PBDE, TBBPA free and subject to US Health and Safety Standards. Not only does this give you an earth-conscious, hypoallergenic product you can safely use in the shower, it also gives you a tool we can guarantee for life
  • BODY BACK BUDDY GUARANTEE – Unlike the tidal wave of cheap imported knock-offs flooding the market today, the Body Back Buddy pressure point massage tool has been proudly designed, tested and manufactured in Portland Oregon since 1995. We offer a no hassle, no risk, 100% lifetime guarantee. No hidden qualifications, no fine print, no weasel words. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item within 30 days and have your money refunded


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