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Espresso Coffee Maker

Best Espresso Coffee Maker I Machine


Product Description

Price: $39.88


1.Fill the reservoirs with water and screw very tight.

2.Power on and start heat water.

3.Put coffee grounds into filter and tamp tight, no more than 4, clean grounds on filter edge to prevent leaking.

4.Insert and lock the filter properly.

5.Switch to coffee mode to brew coffee, switch steam mode to froth milk.

6.To avoid leaking, coffee dregs stick on seal ring should be cleaned after uses.

7.Ensure switch is in off , and cool down the boiler after brewing and frothing.

8.The stainless steel filter inside the funnel is dishwasher safe, but not the funnel.

9. Please turn off the power and unplug, if you don’t want to brew anymore.


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