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Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit

ECLIGNER 2018 Pro Nano Teeth Whitening Kit is one of the best teeth whiten agent .

About the product
  • ★ Whitening teeth tools with new nano-technology to create internal nano-capillary structure, the surface can automatically adsorption of dental calculus, does not contain any chemical cleaning agents
  • ★Non-toxic harmless, powerful, super soft material, just using water easy to clean teeth, do not leave scratches, make your teeth more healthy, beautiful white, laughing!
  • ★ DIY teeth clean, remove stubborn stains and plaque
  • ★ Especially suitable for Browning cigarettes, coffee, tea, juice caused by chewing betel nut, and other food coloring.
  • ★ Whitening eraser “can quickly clean teeth, tooth stains such as yellow teeth, black teeth and plaque caused by smoking,tea,coffee,chewing betel nut, diet and poor quality water,just put it on a tartar Gently wipe the teeth, you can easily remove the tooth enamel and enamel on stains and pigments, do not hurt the enamel. Teeth Whitening Kit

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