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Sleeping Disorder
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The name of the disease is Insomnia:Symptoms , Causes and Treatment

Sleeping Disorder is the name of disease is Insomnia.


The routine night sleeping is the only option for a healthy and normal life every day. But it is so easy to sleep ? The number of people who cannot sleep around the bed every day and in many cases is not less. There is no chance to lighten the subject in any way. Because it is actually a disease not to sleep, the name of the disease is insomnia. We must understand very carefully the Insomnia Symptoms Causes and Treatment.

What is insomnia ?
Insomnia is a type of sleeping disorder. The person suffering from this disorder can not sleep fast, a report from Science Daily , but it does not last long even if it falls asleep. Many times this is not going to cause sleep problems in tired body also. Patients suffering from inhumanity generally face the following problems.

– Do not sleep on time.
– Sleeping at midnight and then not sleeping.
– Sleeping in the morning.
– Daytime fatigue or sleepiness.
– Feeling tired after sleeping.
– Gastrointestinal symptoms.

According to the intensity of the disease, experts share insomnia primary and secondary divisions. A primary insomnia suffers from sleeping problems, but it is not due to any other disease or as a symptom. On the other hand, secondary level insomnia suffer from as a cause for any other health condition. In such cases, insomnia occurs due to many asthma, arthritis, cancer or cardiovascular disease. Many people suffer from sleep disorders as side effects of other diseases. Besides this, additional health condition and too much alcohol drinking may also cause for insomnia. Sometimes there is nothing to worry about this. But if there is insomnia three (3) or more nights for a month or more of the day, it is necessary to understand that the person is suffering from insomnia diseases and needed to visit doctors chamber and should start treatment soon.

Diseases insomnia

Reasons and remedies

The term  of insomnia is  the often used to refer to “disturbed sleep.”  explained Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine .

There may be insomnia for various physical and mental reasons. Among these, the following factors are notable and remarkable.

– Extra anxiety and stress.
– Large physical or emotional pain.

Sometimes there is insomnia for excessive noise, light or temperature. High blood pressure, asthma, allergy and other diseases can also lead to insomnia. In addition, frequent changes to sleep routine also indirectly bring insomnia.

First of all, people who are suffering from insomnia will have to be examined by the doctor. Through this, the person is suffering from secondary insomnia , whether it is related to any disease or not, and accordingly, action may be taken accordingly. Preliminary stage insomnia is most suitable for sleeping habits and lifestyle changes. In this case, going to bed at bedtime, avoiding caffeine, before going to be walking habits can benefit. However, if it exceeds the level, then the doctor will definitely make special therapies and also may given sleeping medication to turn normal sleeping routine. Sleeping diaries can be asked to help them understand their sleep patterns.

However, without the advice of the doctor, the habit of sleeping, pill habit will not only be used in the treatment of insomnia, , rather it will increase the problem multiplied.

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